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Week 5 in Unicorn class

Week 5 feels like a long time ago, sadly I was super poorly on Friday so could not do our usual blog update then. Thankfully, I am all better now and we are already into another busy week!

Last week we continued practicing our numbers and counting carefully, counting out ladybirds onto leaves and 'fishing' for ducks to match our number mat. We had to use lots of skills all at the same time, thinking about our coordination and accuracy to catch the duck and having to read and recognise the number on the duck and on our mat!

We looked at different ways light can helps us in the real world, we explored 'caves' and investigated how a torch might be helpful, we then learnt all about lighthouses, why we need them, who they help and why they are always on top of rocks!

Whilst thinking about caves we looked at 'We're going on a bear hunt', we then used blocks and bricks to make a home for the bear, this extended to homes much more elaborate than a cave, luck animals!

Forest school was especially exciting as we all worked together as a team, using the giant parachute to launch leaves and lots of woodland cuddly toys high into the air.

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