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Week 5 in Unicorn class

This week we have looked at the ocean and what we might find in the water. We used glitter and sequins to make colourful, patterned fish, just like all the bright fish we can find in the ocean. We practiced our fine motor pinching skills by carefully placing small buttons onto fish and coral to make bright patterns. We used shells to make portraits, choosing different sizes and shapes to make eyes, nose and a mouth.

Finally, we used star cutters to make starfish cheese on toast, the children cut the bread, spread the butter and sprinkled the cheese themselves, we then watched and discussed what happens when the cheese goes under the grill.

Forest school was a lot less chilly this week so we were able to dig and splash in the mud and water again, we also completed an animal scavenger hunt around the field. All of the children worked amazingly in teams, helping and supporting one another.

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