• gwall45

Week 4, Highflyers

The Highflyers have settled back into school beautifully and we’ve had a lovely first week back together!

2D & 3D Shape hunt

Making 2D & 3D shapes

Team building & zones of regulation


Zooming children in India

This week the Highflyers will learn how to make a traditional Indian drink called a Lassi and have an Indian food tasting.

Literacy will be on writing instructions using imperative verbs and time connectives. The children will use what they’ve learnt to write instructions on how to make a Lassi.

Maths will continue to be on 2D & 3D shapes. We will also begin learning about fractions, working with parts and wholes, making equal parts and recognising and finding half.

Spellings this week will be on the stressed /er/ spelt with ‘a’ after w and the sound /or/ spelt ‘ar’ after w.

It is science week and this term we are focusing on animals and their habitats, especially in relation to animals living in the UK and animals living in India. The Highflyers will look at similarities and differences, various classifications, and create their own animal taking into consideration the features it will need to survive based on its habitat.

I look forward to another exciting week ahead with the wonderful Highflyers!