• Ms Roberts

Week 3 in Challenger Class

It has been a super first full week in Challenger Class and the children are settling in very nicely. We had great fun in the sunshine, hunting for NettleTed in the walled garden. Please find below details of Week 3 learning.


Phonics and Spellings – new phase 5 sounds for this week ie and ea. Spellings were given out last Friday and will be tested next Friday 17th Sept. I do want children to try to learn their spellings although I realise that for some children this will be quite demanding. We will be practising in school throughout the week. Please help them to practise at home as well.

Here are a couple of strategies:

  • A look, cover, write, check method can be useful

  • Children make their own flashcards of words to use

Topic – letter writing. Children will look at the features of formal and informal letters and they will write their own letters.

Maths – counting forwards and backwards. Finding one more and one less using a variety of equipment and strategies.

Other information

Planners and Targets

Targets have been set for Term 1

Practise counting forwards to 10 and back again.. When this is mastered try it to 20, then to 30. See if they can count forward starting from any number e.g. start at 7 and count to 19, count back from 18 to 3.

  • Lower case formation. Nettlebed’s handwriting style is a continuous cursive style. Please see the video on the class page which shows you exactly how to form the letters.

Please help your children choose a third target and write this in their planner. I have discussed this with them already. It is up to them what they choose but I gave examples such as ‘riding my bike without stabilisers’, ‘learning to draw horses’, ‘doing a cartwheel’ or ‘making my bed everyday’.

Pencil cases- traditionally children in KS1 did not bring pencil cases to school. However, last year they were invited to bring their own equipment to school in order to minimise transmission of the corona virus. Children love their pencil cases! They also love to fiddle with them and the contents. I am encouraging sensible pencil case use at the moment and I hope that the children will get used to having them in school and it will become less of a distraction. NB: Children do not have to have to bring their own equipment to school.