• gwall45

Week 2, Term 6, Highflyers

Topic & literacy will have a science focus this week; the Highflyers will attend an ‘Artic live lesson’ hosted by Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop who has visited the Artic seven times. The children will learn and write about living things & their habitats and perform a test using ‘blubber gloves’.

In maths the Highflyers will continue to learn about measuring: time, focusing on hours & days, finding durations of time and comparing durations of time.

The spellings for the Highflyers to learn this week are numbers from 11 to 20 and Common exception words. This term they will be set on gaps found in the weekly spelling tests and writing assessments. There is a link to Year 3 common exception words on the Highflyer page and in their reading record book for children looking for extra challenge.

I look forward to an exciting week ahead with the brilliant Highflyers!