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We are thankful

Since this week has been the inspirational American Thanksgiving Day, Adventure have been thinking about things they are thankful for. We have written cards to mums and dads to say thank you for everything they do for us. Also, during buddy time we talked about this special day and they did lovely drawings about what they are thankful for.

In Phonics this week we have done a recap of everything we have learned so far. The challenging new diagraphs: sh, ch, th and ng. Our tricky words that tried to tricked us, but Adventure children have a magic wand and they have the power to not to be tricked.

In Maths we began to explore composition by focusing on the concept of 'whole' and 'parts', by investigating their own bodies and familiar toys they began to understand that whole things are often made up of smaller parts. This has led us to the composition of numbers. You can play at home hiding a picture and showing a part to guess the whole.

In science this week we are learning to differentiate and talk about farm animals and wild animals. Children have chosen their favourite animal and they have created lovely clay animals.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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