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Y2: Vegan burgers!

Predictably another very sunny day with this gang... and a huge amount of imagination. The weather over half term lead to a HUGE amount of growth in our nature reserve, so much so that the nettles are now taller than the children and may of the paths are impassable. This didn't deter Nathan though, he asked for the shears and set about making it safer.

The wild cherries are dripping from the bushes and provided the basis some some fabulous 'cakes, pies and potions'. The children also made a load of 'vegan burgers' with nettles cow parsley and grasses sandwiched between some sliced of wood. I cant tell you how proud of themselves they were!

Rose and I had a great game of 'noughts and crosses' that we made out of bumblebee and ladybird stones.. of course Rose won :-)

Fergus and others enjoyed pond dipping with Ms Wall. I told them we needed a good ID of the pond flora and fauna so the wrote down everything they could find on the blackboard. One of the first things the children noticed when they came in at the start of the session was the amount of damselflies in and around the pond.. blue ones, green ones and red ones... and some mating!

There was quite a bit of hide and seek going on today - climbing in ivy clad trees, burrowing under some of the nettles and making new dens under apple trees. We really are so lucky to have this site at school, and experience the nature all year round. We could hear the blue tit chicks on the nest box near the fire circle. We were very quiet and sat and watched the parents come in and out with caterpillars.... what a beautiful sight! And to know that we build the boxes and we have a safe place for them to nest. The children were delighted!

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