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Update on Highflyers

The Highflyers had a brilliant week of learning. Their work on the Blitz has been exceptionally good and they had lots of fun designing and creating World War II planes in D&T.

This week..

In maths we are working on using addition with Tens & Ones, comparing and ordering numbers, and counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.

In science we will be investigating different sources of light and how it travels through different materials. We will also make links with Forest School.

Spellings this week will be using the sound j spelt ‘dge’ and ‘-ge’ at the end of words.

The school has provided children with a new homework book. The expectation is for children to try and answer the questions in each test each week. For instance, this week it will be the questions in Test 1. Homework is to be returned by Friday.

I am excited for another week with the amazing Highflyers!

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