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This Week in Challenger Class


In our PSHE lesson last week, Challenger class have been thinking about the idea of TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More. We thought about the kinds of teams we are all in - from family teams and sports teams to house teams and class teams - what helps us to identify as a team and why working as a team is important. I think the children in Challenger Class are developing very well as a team after just a few weeks in school. We are starting to work together and look out for each other in a way that makes it a great learning and social environment.

Topic Work and Writing

This coming week takes a look at WWII propaganda. We'll find out how propaganda posters had an impact on their audience. Children will also be creating their own posters to persuade our school community to behave in certain ways.


This week focuses on:

  • ordering groups of objects

  • ordering numbers

  • ordinal numbers

  • the numberline


Children have shown again this week that they are making good progress in learning spellings. The main objective is to learn how to spell the sounds for the week. This week we will be focusing on the sounds ue and aw. The spellings of these two sounds must be learned as a digraph (2 letters written together). If you say the letter sounds on their own you don't get the correct pronunciation. It is helpful when writing out these digraphs to practise them in a joined up style.


The weekly marathon of hearing all readers and changing books is a tough one for staff in Challenger Class, although of course we are trying our best! Please make sure that you are reading with your children several times a week and please leave a comment in the planner every time (date, next page number or 'finished' is all you need to write but also a longer comment is fine if required).

Maths Homework

Well done to all the children who have brought in their wonderful personalised number tracks. If you still have one at home, I would love to see them this week.

Finally, Have a great week!

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