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The Week Ahead in Challenger (Wk3)

What a wonderful start to the week! The lower school were treated to a Diwali Dance Workshop on Monday morning. Our dance teacher put the children through their paces as they learned some traditional Indian dance moves telling the story of Prince Rama and his beautiful wife, Sita from the epic Ramayana story.

The children showed excellent listening and memory skills throughout the session and were able to perform the whole dance by the end of it. Please see the photos in the gallery below.

Also last week, we started learning the songs for our Christmas production and children again showed that they were quick to grasp things.

This week's learning

Phonics and Reading

We focus on the GPCs aw and au

The shared reader is number 42 - A Garland for the Door.

Topic and writing

Last week in our topic work, we discovered how castles were fortified and made stronger over time. In English lessons we revised use of nouns and verbs and started finding out about adjectives.

This week, we'll be sharing stories set in castles and later children will begin writing their own.

Maths - Composition of 8 and Parts and Wholes

In Mastering Number we focus on the composition of 8.

In the main maths session we continue our work on parts and wholes. Last week we focused on the whole object being split into two or more parts in different ways. This week sees how a 'whole' can be represented by a group of discrete objects, eg a whole tray of cakes (with none missing).

Special events

On Wednesday morning the lower school are off to Henley RFC for a Tag Rugby Festival. Please make sure children have warm layers and a waterproof coat.

Reading books

We have a few copies of Highland Summer and What's for Lunch missing. Please have a good look at home and send them back into school.

Have a great week!

Photos from the week

Diwali Dance workshop

English - Adjective Hunt

The children went on an adjective hunt in the school grounds. They had to find objects that could be described with certain adjectives.


Cutting chees slices into parts (2 small and 2 large or 4 of roughly the same size but different shapes - this was harder than it sounds)

Rainbows and Wreaths

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