The Week Ahead in Challenger T6Wk2

Congratulations to all of Year 1 who did a splendid job with their Phonic Screening assessment last week. I know how hard children have worked on their phonics and word reading this year and I see such fantastic progress. For their efforts and achievements last week, the whole of Year 1 were thoroughly deserving 'Stars of the Week'.

PIRA - Progress in Reading Assessment

Children will be able to demonstrate their understanding of what they read when they complete the summer term assessment for reading comprehension this week. I am looking forward to seeing their progress in this area too.

Phonics and Spellings

Phonics lessons will continue as normal and for spellings this week we will focus on CEW (common exception words). These are the tricky-to-spell words because they don't follow the usual phonic rules and children have to work especially hard to learn them. Children should have brought home their rag-rated dinosaurs where they have self-assessed their knowledge of these words. The full list can be found by clicking on the Y1 Common Exception Words button at the top of the class page. If children are secure with the Year 1 list they should be working on the Year 2 list (also on the class page).


In maths, we will look at place value in numbers up to 100. Children will understand that a

2-digit number is composed of tens and ones and that the first digit represent the tens and the second represents the ones. There will be lots of counting, ordering, comparing and representing of these numbers. It is crucial that children gain a secure understanding of place value at this early stage.

Next week will be a little different in that I am going on the camping trip to Hill End with Year 3 and Year 4. I will be present at the start of the week on Monday and Tuesday and children will have a supply teacher for the rest of the week. Mr Wright will still be there to support the children and Mrs Coleman will be helping out too. The children will be in very safe hands.

Have a great week!

Science - Planting

We were busy planting a range of things last week. Children planted carrot tops, onion bulbs, tomotoes and beans (in a number of different ways). Children had a good idea of what plants need to grow and survive and our investigation will either prove or disprove their theories. Over the coming days and weeks we will be observing and recording our results.