• Ms Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger T5Wk2

What a lovely start to the new term it was last week! The children came back to school with a great attitude to learning and produced some super work throughout the week.

We kicked off our Local Area topic with a walk around the village with a focus on what there is in the village of Nettlebed and what people do in the village. We also had a lovely session in the churchyard, sketching the church; children showed some impressive observational skills and good progress in their sketching techniques.

On Thursday next week, we will visit the Creamery and Cheese shed. Prior to our visit we'll find out how this local business has been developed and its links to the local area.

In maths we begin the week exploring the concept of 'equal'. Children will identify groups that are equal and also that are not equal. Later we will add equal groups and use counting in steps to find how many we have altogether. This is early multiplication.

Homework this week

Thank you for helping your children with phonics practice and maths homework. Please keep it up. New homework is in the blue homework folder. Homework should be given in at the latest by the Wednesday of the following week in the blue homework folder.

Spellings for this week are:

  • Days of the Week and if children have mastered these -

  • Months of the Year and if children have mastered these -

  • Numbers 1- 20 written as words

I do not expect that all children will learn all of the above - start with the first group of words and only move on if children are secure.

Have a great week!