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The Week Ahead in Challenger T4Wk4

The Vikings are coming! Well not really - that happened a long time ago but we will be finding out how they travelled when they did arrive on our shores. The viking longboat was an ingenious design which was not just able to travel on sea; smaller vessels were designed to be carried across land by the crew from river to river as they set out to establish colonies and a trading 'empire'.

After fact finding and researching, children will learn about the features of a non-fiction explanation text and use this guidance to write their own explanations as to why viking ships were such a good design.

In phonics we are learning about alternative spellings for the phoneme /ear/ and the RAPID group will focus on the grapheme ue. Please help your child to look out for words containingthese in their reading this week.

Phonics Homework

Children have brought home a blue folder with a double-sided phonics worksheet in it. Please help them to understand how to complete it. Everyone should complete the first side and some children will complete both sides. Return the sheet and the folder by Thursday of next week.

In maths children will be introduced to the concepts of weight and mass. We will compare the mass of objects using the language heavier than / lighter than. When we measure the mass of objects we will use non-standard units of measure but I will also talk about standard units of measure which they will have already encountered when cooking or being weighed.

Maths at home. Perhaps you could have ago at some of these this week:

  • Comparing two objects by estimation (holding them in your hands) is a great way to encourage the use of the language.

  • Find something heavier than a shoe

  • Find something lighter than a feather!

  • Using scales or a balance find an object or objects that weigh the same as your favourite teddy.

  • Weigh toys and rank in order of heaviset to lightest.

  • Following a recipe and use kitchen scales

I am looking forward to seeing you all at parents' evening on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Have a great week everyone!

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