• Ms Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger T3Wk4

Animal Migration - Hot and Cold Topic

This week we will find out about the incredible journeys that migrating animals undertake. We'll use a range of resources, including this wonderful book about the migration journeys of the sea swallow (or Arctic tern) and the humpback whale. Our word work will focus on exciting verbs and adjectives as children tell their own migration story of one of the animals.

In phonics, children will be finding out about alternative spellings for the /igh/ phoneme and the RAPID group will focus on the consonant digraph th. Please encourage your children to spot these when reading at home.

In maths, we continue the addition and subtraction within 20 unit and will be using knowledge of number bonds to add.

For maths homework this week, I would like children to focus on number bonds. I sent details last week via email of a new White Rose 1 Minute Maths App. This is a practice App to help children achieve automaticity (knowledge and instant recall) in number facts. If you are happy for your child to have this sort of screen time, you can download the App here: https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/1-minute-maths#download

At the moment, children should only be accessing the addition and subtraction games up to 10 or 20 (mastering 10 first) and any of the subitising games. Subitising is seeing and saying how many there are without actually counting.

If you would prefer a non-screen based game to play, try this:

  • Choose which bonds to practise - 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10

  • Roll one or two dice (depending on the number you have chosen) and say how many more you need to make the number.


  • Choose your number bond to practice and select that number of toy cars, teddy bears, pegs etc. See how many ways you can split them into two groups. Those are your number bonds. Write the bonds as an addition.

Have a great week!

Some orienteering fun in the sun from last week's lesson.