The Week Ahead in Challenger Class

The phonics focus are the graphemes ue and aw. Please note that there are two different ways to pronounce ue: as in glue (oo) and as in argue (yoo). Children are doing a great job of learning their spellings. Please keep up the great work at home.

In English, children will be writing their own stories. They’ll begin the week by thinking of adjectives to describe the animal characters they have created last week. Then they’ll plan a beginning, a middle and an end to their story. I will model a story plan first. Armed with their story plan and character description the children will be ready for writing their stories using super sentences.

In maths this week:

  • Ordering objects according to how many

  • Ordering numbers

  • Ordinal numbers – first, second, third etc.

  • An introduction to the number line

Please look out for opportunities to practise these concepts at home. Eg. In the morning race to get ready for school / work, ask the question 'Who was first....second...third?'

A quick word about Reading and using the planner. Please don’t forget to make a brief note in their planner when children have read at home (which I hope they are doing regularly). The comment need only consist of the date and next page number but any extra information is welcome. Reading books and planners should be brought to school everyday please.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the Term 1 targets towards the front of the planner. Help with letter formation can be found at the top of the class page where there is a link to a cursive handwriting video. Please help children to complete their third target which should be something achievable that they would like to work on.

Have a great week!