• Ms Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger Class

I can hardly believe that we are in week 4 already – how time flies in Challenger Class!

Phonics – we are learning the phase 5 graphemes oy and ir. Please look out for these when reading with your children at home. In addition to learning their spelling words children might like to keep a list of additional words containing the week’s sounds.

English - sentence work. The main focus in English this week will be on sentences and reminding the children of everything they need to include to make super sentences

· Capital letters

· full stops

· finger spaces

· letters should sit on the line

· letters should be the right size and formed correctly


Children will be comparing objects and comparing numbers. We’ll start the week looking at one to one correspondence and using this idea to solve practical problems.

For example: If I have 7 footballs and 8 children turn up to training, will they each have a ball?

Later in the week we will compare numbers and introduce the symbols less than (<), greater than ( >) and equal to (=) .

Wake up Shake up

The children wanted me to send you a link to the Lazy Town Wake up Shake up – it’s a Friday treat. You can watch it on Vimeo here.

Have a great week!