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The Week Ahead in Challenger Class

It was lovely to see you all last week at the parent consultations. It was certainly a change to see people unmasked!

Travel and Transport History Topic - Walking on the Moon

I can clearly remember the excitement in our house in 1969 (obviously I was very young), when the world was gripped by the momentous events of the Apollo 11 Mission. My older brother had all manner of sticker books, pictures and posters and I was swept along by his enthusiasm. We will see some footage of that incredible moment in history and find out about the astronauts who took part in it.


Children will write an eye witness account and imagine that they are walking in the moonboots of Neil Armstrong.

Phonics and Spellings

Children in the main phonics group will look at alternative spellings for /r/ while the RAPID group focuses on the phoneme oo as in book and look.


For many children this is a skill that we need to keep working on. Please remember that children can check letter formation in the video on the class page. Practice makes perfect!


This week children will be finding out about fractions (halves and quarters). They should understand that a half is one of two equal parts of the whole and that a quarter is one of four equal parts of the whole.


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