• Sarah Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger Class

Daily Mile (and a half)

Challenger class led the lower school at Friday's 'Nettlebed does the Daily Mile' event. It was an absolute pleasure to take your children for a morning walk. They all behaved impeccably and although some were tiring by the end of it, no one complained. They were ready for a snack when we got back to school and then got on with the day's work with a clear, calm head. The perfect way to start the day.


We have been so close in recent weeks but in Friday's assembly we were declared the Class House Point winners. The children will be able to choose a well-deserved treat for next Friday afternoon. Well done Challenger!

Eco Council

Poppy and Isobel impressed the class last week with their election speeches and were voted in by their peers to be Challenger Eco-Councillors. Congratulations to them. I would like to thank all the children who put themselves forward and showed such passion for this important issue. We would like all of those children to have a more formal role and we have decided to have our own Challenger Eco Group which will include the Eco Councillors and all children who would like to be involved. They will have their own class meeting ahead of the Eco Council meeting, so that everyone's views are truly represented.


Continuing our travel and transport theme, children will be writing their own 'Journey' stories this week. They will take their vehicles on wonderful journeys across interesting landscapes and have exciting adventures!


Look out for the new spelling lists in the green home spelling books.

  • Alternative spellings for /n/

  • RAPID group - the ou digraph


This week sees a continuation of the concept of counting in steps, making equal groups and making arrays. Children will use equal groups in the context of grouping and sharing which is the first steps of multiplication and division.


We are currently learning about telling the time and children can earn house points for spotting the o'clock and half past times as we go through the day. We are learning to tell the time on analogue clocks and associating that with digital times in addition to writing the time in words. Please encourage your children to tell the time at home.