• Ms Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger Class

We are looking forward to week 2 in Challenger Class when we will continue our Travel and Transport history topic.

This week sees a focus on boats and ships throughout history.

This will include finding out about the HMS Challenger, a survey vessel that carried the Challenger Expedition from 1872 to 1876.

In our English lessons, we will be sharing The Journey by Neil Griffiths and Scott Mann, which follows a small boat on its journey to the sea. Children will make their own origami boats, think of names for their boats and find out why boats were given a name.

As children prepare to write their own ‘Journey’ stories we will have a grammar focus on the use of verbs to express what has already happened and what is happening now. Children will find out how adding the suffixes –s, -es, -ing and ed changes the tense of the verb.

Our spellings this week are the numbers 1-20 as words. Knowing how to spell these words is a Year 1 objective. We will work on them in school but please support your child to practise these throughout the week at home as well. I will test children’s knowledge of these words on Friday morning.

In maths, children will continue finding out about making equal groups and later in the week, we will use the concept of equal groups to make arrays. I will be asking children to spot arrays around the home. I hope they will be able to explain to you what an array is.

Eco Council Elections

Later in the week children will have the chance to be elected as one of our two class Eco Council eco warriors. This will involve attending Eco Council meetings with the other class representatives and feeding back to our class. If children would like to be elected, they must prepare a short speech detailing why they are passionate about saving our planet and persuade the class to vote for them.

Other events in the week

A photographer will be coming to school on Wednesday to take school photographs. Please make sure that children are wearing correct school uniform and are looking super smart!

On Friday, we will take part in the National Daily Mile and you will receive further details about this event later in the week.