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The week ahead in Challenger Class

What a wet week that was! The rain came but it did not stop the children getting outside for playtimes and PE lessons were unaffected. Wet weather does make it even more necessary to have the right gear in school so that children can still go outside. Please have wellington boots (in a named carrier bag which can be hung on their peg) and waterproof coats in school. Also, please provide a spare change of clothes (jogging bottoms, underwear, socks and plimsolls) which are useful for all kinds of accidents!

World War II and Writing

Last week the children created their own designs based on WWII Propaganda posters. They gave such advice as:

Eat your vegetables – they are good for you! Keep our school tidy – Recycle!

This week we will take our inspiration from the storybook ‘Peepo’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Children will re-imagine the story and write their own version as a five or six year old child as they take a wander through this beautifully illustrated book.


It will an be addition week in maths beginning with a look at the part - whole model. This is a useful concept for children to master and forms the basis for later addition and subtraction calculation. If you would like to have a look at the explanation of the part – whole model on the White Rose Home Learning site, you can use this link:


Our first computing unit is about understanding what algorithms are as we have a go at programming Bee- Bots. Children will write programs, test them out, and try to de-bug a program. I will ask children to find programmable devices at home that accept inputs, store programs and produce outputs. Please help them to ‘discover’ devices such as games consoles, smart phones, microwave ovens and washing machines and understand that these are all programmable devices - we have to tell them what to do and they follow instructions.

FONS Journey Across Europe Challenge

You will all have received information about FONS’ Journey Across Europe fundraising challenge. Children can run, walk, cycle, scoot to clock up the miles in their trek across the continent. I wonder how far our legs will carry us. Happy trekking!


There are an unprecedented number of children bringing in snacks from home at the moment. All children in Year 1 are eligible for FREE fruit, offered every morning at snack time.

I must also remind you that Nettlebed is a nut free school as there are children with potentially life-threatening allergies in our school community. Please bear this in mind when sending snacks from home.

Have a great week!

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