• Ms Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger

What a great first (half) week back! Well done to all the Challenger children who started the new term with the right attitude to learning.

It has been lovely to hear about their adventures over the Christmas holidays - even if all of the plans didn't quite work out as expected for some families.

Next week sees the start of our Hot and Cold topic and we kick off with a look at the hot and cold areas of the world. Children will find out which areas are hotter and colder than others and try to understand why this is. They will find out what it would be like to live in different countries, considering their climate and think about what they would pack in their suitcase if they were to go there. If children have experience of countries where the climate is different ot ours, please enable them to share this knowledge in class.

In maths, we will be comparing groups of objects. Children will revisit the inequality symbols and the language that they need to compare groups of objects (more than, greater than, fewer than, less than, equal to, the same as). Maths homework will be given out this week and will help to consolidate their understanding of these concepts.

What is the same? What is different?

These are great questions to ask in maths discussions and can be applied to many topic areas. The image shows base 10 equipment (dienes) and children should be able to spot that:

  • both numbers have a ten

  • they have different numbers of ones

  • they are both teen numbers

  • eighteen is less than nineteen because it has 1 less one

Cold /wet weather

Please make sure that children have coats and hats and gloves for the wet and cold weather; we had tears last week because of cold hands after playtime. This ties in nicely with our topic this term and it was a good opportunity to show how you can warm your own hands up but ideally we don't want the children suffering with cold fingers!

PE next week will be outside on Monday and Thursday. Thursday is football with Performance Sport and on Monday I will be carrying on with our Orienteering lessons. Have a look at the photos of our indoor session last week.

Have a great week everybody!