• Ms Roberts

The week ahead in Challenger

Last week's animal classification science was met with interest and enthusiasm and the children showed me what a lot of knowledge they already have on this subject. I hope they learned some more about animal groups too; perhaps they can remember what vertebrates and invertebrates are - ask them!

In our Ancient Greece topic work this week we will be comparing our lives today with the everyday lives of children in Ancient Greece. We'll find out what boys and girls were allowed to do, what they wore, what they ate and the games they played. I wonder what is happening in the picture above.

Our phonics focus is on alternative pronunciations for the consonant digraph ch and the vowel digraph ou. Children have been taught the term digraph and it is important that they understand that these letters, when written together, make a dfferent sound than if you were to pronounce them individually. As usual, please help them to spot these sounds in their reading and in any words they might see (there is text all around us - on signs, labels, notices etc.).

In maths lessons this week, children will be recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them according to their properties. Maths homework involves looking around the house to find these shapes. We will also practise sketching 3D shapes at school and perhaps they can have a go at home too.


We will make a start (time permitting) on our Computing unit - We Are Storytellers. In this unit of work children will collaborate to make an audiobook using PowerPoint.

Christmas Play

Thanks for your efforts in helping children learn the words to the songs in our Christmas play - they sound great. They have now brought home details of what to wear for the play and for Challenger children it is a Christmas jumper or similar Christmas outfit. Please make sure that this is brought in to school by the end of this week (Friday 3rd December).

As ever - have a great week!

Last week's coil pot making and creating a timeline with Year 3 - Just how long ago were those Ancient Greeks around?