• Sarah Roberts

The Week Ahead in Challenger

Cross Country

We had great fun on Friday morning at the House Cross Country. A huge well done to the Year 1s who all ran well and did their best for their house. Everyone competed with a wonderful sense of team spirit and it was lovely to have the whole school taking part in an event like that once again. They even kept all the mud out of the school too! Mr Watts was very pleased.

Topic and writing

We found out last week that the Giant’s Causeway is formed of interlocking hexagonal basalt columns resulting from volcanic activity but I think the children had more fun hearing about the Finn McCool legend which gives a different explanation for this amazing natural feature. I really enjoyed reading their versions of the story.

Next week is poetry week. We’ll be looking at a range of poetry formats, including acrostic and haiku and our stimulus will be the good old British weather - we have certainly seen a lot of it recently!


This week I have sent home a list of Y1 CEW words for children to use as a checklist to help their learning of these tricky words. The checklist can be used for reading practice and for checking knowledge of spelling. This will vary a great deal for different children. Ideally, they should identify spellings they know and work on between 5-10 that they need to work on throughout the week. I will carry out a spelling assessment at the end of next week.


Next week is about shapes.

Objectives include:

  • identifying and naming

  • describe their properties

  • sorting according to properties

Maths homework

Please encourage children to find shapes at home. Children can draw or take photos of 2D or 3D objects. They should name them and try to describe them in terms of their properties.

For example, a pedal bin is shaped like a cylinder.

A cylinder has 3 faces and 2 of them are circles.

We will practising these skills throughout the week. Please send any homework in by Friday.