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The Week Ahead.

Dear Endeavour Class,

For the Scottish amongst you, this week will be writing about the first War of Scottish Independance - The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. A really important battle in our U.K history.

We started finding out about Robert the Bruce last week so we will use our newly-gained knowledge to really understand the action! I have been delighted by how some students have found out extra historical detail in their spare time and brought in the information - including a simulated battle of the clash at Hastings in 1066!

Maths topics will now be starting on addition and subtraction this week, concentrating on the formal method of creating a column layout. This method really needs a solid understanding of place value, which is why the previous week's learning will help with using this technique.

Please continue practising times tables. There will be regular tests every week.

Spellings have been sent home last Thursday and will be tested next Thursday. They are in the planners at the bottom of the page for last week. Please click on the link below for the list if needed. A maths homework book was sent home last Friday. The first page (or at least Section A and B) is due in by Thursday 1 October when it will be marked. If your child finishes their homework earlier, then they are welcome to bring it into school before Thursday.

On Monday is the first School Council meeting - something to look forward to. Please remember to wear your badges with pride! A reminder too that P.E. days are on Monday and Wednesday and to bring in a coat and a change of shoes with the weather being cooler and wetter..

Spelling T1Week3 Look Say Cover Write Ch
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Mrs Wyatt

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