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The week ahead

I am delighted with all the children’s efforts academically, the values they have, and how they are extremely caring towards each other. The Highflyers were proud of everyone that stood for the school council and are very happy that Theo and Florence will be representing our class.

We had another fantastic afternoon at Forest school! Information can be found in the ‘outdoors learning’ section of the website, under the title Y2: Catching tigers.

This week we will continue learning about WWII. The focus is on the Blitz a German bombing campaign against the UK. We will also create and build aeroplanes in Design & Technology, and look at the different features of the aircrafts used by the Germans and the British.

In maths we are working on Place Value, using the Part-Whole model and learning to use addition with Tens & Ones.

Spellings this week will be using the sound s spelt ‘c’ before e, i and y.

I am so proud of all the children in Highflyers and I am looking forward to another exciting week ahead!

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