• Ms Roberts

Challenger - The Week Ahead

Well done to the children of Challenger Class for another fantastic week of learning. I am delighted to see the progress they have made in many areas and in writing especially.

This week, as we near the end of Term 1, our topic work will focus on the end of the war and VE Day celebrations. Children will find out about conventions for informal postcard writing and write a postcard to a family member describing the celebrations.

Many thanks to those who have sent in family World War II stories. Please keep them coming, it really does bring this period of our recent history alive for the children as they can make links to their own families.

In maths we will continue with addition, introducing the bar model as another useful tool for modelling addition. We will also be turning our attention to number bonds. Children are equipped with various means to work out number bonds and a systematic approach for recording them. Children are encouraged to learn these number facts by heart as they are fundamental to mental addition; it is important to have strategies to work them out (for example, counting on from one number to the next) but just knowing these facts and being able to recall them saves a lot of time.

I am looking forward to our parent consultations next week. Please look out for the Zoom invitation email coming from the school office next Monday. Like so many things at this time, it will be an unusual Parents’ Evening (or Parents’ Morning for some of you). Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly and that we are not let down by the technology.

Have a great week!