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The Countdown to Christmas holidays

Phew! Nearly there! It has been a wonderful term 2; the children have worked hard and are really settling in to their Year 1 learning. It has been a very busy, exciting time in the run up to Christmas and of course that included rehearsing and performing the Christmas play. Your children worked very hard to learn the songs and they sang beautifully. It was such a joy to see all the children on stage, enjoying the performances and I know all the parents will have taken pleasure in seeing their children on stage in their first live school play.

In our final week before we break up for the Christmas holiday, we are looking forward to a Christmas-themed week - we are still working hard in a Christmassy kind of way and there will be some Christmas arts and crafts.

Special Events:

Tuesday- Christmas lunch and class parties in the afternoon. Children can wear Christmas jumpers over school uniform if they wish.

Wednesday - FONS present wrapping room

Friday - school closes at 1.30pm.

Have a lovely holiday everyone - we all deserve it. Team Challenger wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Place Value within 20 - children made these 2 digit numbers with maths equipment: the base ten equipment is designed to show the that 10 ones is the same as 1 ten.

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