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Term 6, Week 7 (Home learning Week 14)

Dear Endeavour Class,

This week we are finding out about Beatrix Potter, another Victorian author and artist whose work is enjoyed by us today. As with William Morris, she had a passion for nature and went further to protect the countryside. Beatrix Potter will allow us to enjoy looking at nature and the farming world and see how life in the countryside changed during Victorian times. There is so much opportunity to produce artwork, so I am looking forward to what the children create as they look at animals, whether they take on the characteristics of people or whether they remain true to real life and to read their stories of life in the countryside.

Please find the daily plan document as last week. Any maths worksheets will have been emailed to you. Also, please let me know if there is any difficulty accessing any documents.

In maths, Year 5 are investigating units of measure including time. Year 6 are focussed on nets of 3D shapes, circles, pie charts and averages.

There are spellings available for Year 5 on the above button for the remainder of this term. Please use the lists how you wish to, remembering that you don't have to do all of them but if your child would like to have the challenge, then please do them all! Year 6 have the regular spelling tests on SATs Boot Camp to complete and improve their scores.

Both children in and out of school will follow the same plans so that they gain similar learning experiences.

Please continue to send in your work as I look forward to seeing what you have been doing!

I am continuing to include the links below for your reference as they are still valid and are encouraged to be used.

Mrs Wyatt

General activities


Please use the website ''. Your child has logon details given to them and it should be in their planner. Please access the website here.

Maths Year 5 and 6 - All work can be practised by using the Active Learn maths website. The children will know their logon details. The website can be found by clicking here. There are 'homework' tasks which are two sides of A4. Please complete one by printing off (if possible) or writing answers down in a book or paper. The answer sheet is also next to it so the work can be marked at home after completion.

Year 6 - English (SPAG and Reading) and Maths Revision

Please use the the revision website here to logon and revise SATs style questions. Your child will know their login details. They should have them written in their planner.


How about doing P.E. with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach - 9 a.m. every morning? Look for The Body Coach TV channel on You Tube - P.E. with Joe. He is doing a live session every day!

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