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Term 1 Week 5: Highflyer

Live Lessons:

Literacy / Topic

National Poetry day is on the 8th and we will be celebrating all week. This includes our trip to the Henley Literacy Festival on Wednesday where we will see National Poetry Day ambassador and Laugh Out Loud Book Awards winner Joshua Seigal read his latest hilarious and heartfelt collection Yapping Away.


We will look at Forming Nouns Using '-ness', and the spellings this week are the sound /j/ often spelt with g before e, i and y, and the sound /j/ always spelt with ’j’ before a, o and u.


This week we will continue with Addition & Subtraction focusing on Bonds to 100, Add & Subtract 1s, Add by making 10 and Adding three 1-digit numbers.

I look forward to seeing you at parents evening!

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