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Science Week in Challenger Class

What a great week we had! I loved the enthusiasm that children showed for their learning and was impressed with their knowledge. We enjoyed sharing ideas, explaining, finding out about new areas of learning, predicting, investigating, experimenting and evaluating.

  • We found out about materials and their properties.

  • We considered why certain materials are chosen to make objects based on their properties.

  • We conducted experiments to test absorbency and waterproofness in four different materials and using Jimmy's microscope we could see why some were more absorbent than others.

  • We made an egg float!

  • We found out some amazing facts about birds of prey when The Birdman visited with his wonderful feathered friends.

  • We attended an NFU live broadcast which taught us about four micro-habitats on a farm and the amazing mini-beasts that live there and do such important jobs.

  • We heard from two guest speakers; one gave us tips on how to train ourselves to be more confident and the other taught us about bouyancy.

  • We built boats and tested them for bouyancy and waterproofness.

Please have a look at the photos from last week.

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