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Science Week in Challenger Class

We are looking forward to Science Week at Nettlebed, kicking off with our dress-up day on Monday. I can't wait to see all of the costumes!

Throughout the week Y1 will take part in several workshops, beginning with a visit from 'The BIrdman' on Tuesday.

We will also be finding out about Materials and their Properties; we will classify and sort materials and consider their applications in real life. Our experiments will centre around the materials used in boatbuilding, considering their properties.

Phonics lessons will continue as usual with the focus on alternative spellings for the phoneme /ar/ and in the RAPID group, the digraph oa.

In maths this week we are counting in 2s and 5s. Learning to count in steps is the first stage of multiplication. Children are already familiar with the sequence of numbers in the 2s and 5s count and will apply this knowledge in various contexts to count groups of 2 or groups of 5. For example, we could count shoes in 2s and then we know how many pairs we have and how many shoes for a certain number of people.

Finally HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Challenger class who won the House Point class competition for last week's efforts. We have been very close on so many occasions and have at last achieved the result we deserve. We discussed what the chidren would like for their treat and have agreed the following:

  • Bring slippers in all week if they so wish to wear in the classroom

  • Next Friday afternoon - bring in a game to share with a friend. This can include cuddly toys.

  • If the weather is fine we will have the option of extra playtime in the walled garden.

Please do not allow children to bring in:

Pokemon cards (swapping invariably leads to misunderstandings)

Anything too large (it should be easily carried in a bag)

Anything too valuable

From last week...

Paper boats

Inspired by The Journey and LIttle Boat we had a go at folding paper boats. Children also named their boats.

Pointillism - Inspired by post-impressionist Georges Seurat and his 'Bathers at Asnières' we tried the technique for ourselves.

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