School Start and End Times Times

As we return to school in Tier 4, the start of school will be slightly more spread out in a bid to avoid any bunching before the gate opens.

  • Hestia - Drop off at 8.40 am - Collect at 3.20 pm

  • Demeter - Drop off at 8.45 am - Collect at 3.20 pm

  • Poseidon - Drop off at 8.50 am - Collect at 3.30 pm

  • Apollo - Drop off at 8.55 am - Collect at 3.30 pm

Please ensure if you are waiting, that your child remains with you spaced out on the drive in front of school.

The gates will shut at 9am and any child after this time will be marked as late. Pick up times remain the same due to afterschool clubs and the reduced number of children being collected at one time. Please ensure you stick to the allocated 3.20pm or 3.30pm collection.

Buses will run as normal and children will not be considered late if it is due to the fault of the bus. Children who get the bus to school may enter at the time the bus arrives as they have been doing. They are not expected to wait.