• dianamills

Our School Orchard...

Its official.. our project to get the Walled Garden resembling a fruit and veg haven again is beginning!

We have just had a delivery of 10 free fruit trees from the Orchards for Schools initiative run by The Tree Council - plum, cherry, apple and pear - we are hugely grateful, and excited, thank you!

Did you know that our Walled Garden used to be the vegetable garden for Joyce Grove (the huge Sue Ryder headquarters?). There were an abundance of fruit trees and we would love to bring some of that history and goodness back, and start growing our own fruit and vegetables. We believe it is invaluable for the children to be part of this process and will enhance the learning and wellbeing for the whole school community.

The Tree council have also given us 120 hedging plants to allow us to continue building our wildlife hedge around the nature reserve so we will need some help planting those on the community day....any volunteers?

The children will be planting these fruit trees this week and looking after them as part of their school life, I wonder how long it will take them to bear fruit, and which children will around to take the first bite!?