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Not a stick

Following up from our topic The Great Outdoors, Adventure children have been making lovely puppets with sticks. The weather didn't help to get dry sticks so we used lolly sticks instead.

We have learned to use our imagination with the book "Not a stick". A stick can be many different things.

Adventure children have started to do amazing letter formation on whiteboards. Phonics learned so far are s a t p i n m d.

In maths we have learned to subitize and use our "fast eyes" to count without counting. Dice patterns are a good way to subitize, but not always what you count is in a pattern. Use this game and encourage them to find groups of 2 and 3. They can show you with their fingers too.

See our lovely art work from last week. Leaf men and leaf animals are now hanging decorating our classroom.

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