• Ms Roberts

Next Week in Challenger T5Wk3

We had a very interesting visit to Nettlebed Creamery last week. The children were fantastic and represented Nettlebed School in the way we would expect them to. We found out about the cheese-making process and of course we were able to taste some delicious cheese and organic milk. Have a look at the photos in the gallery below.

In English this week, children will be writing stories with Nettlebed as a setting. We will focus on describing the setting and linking ideas with connectives to make more complex sentences.

In Phonics the focus is on alternative spellings for /n/ and the RAPID group looks at the oi digraph. In addition to the specific phonemes and graphemes mentioned above all children are practising and preparing for the phonic screening check which will happen at the beginning of Term 6. Please try to help them with their phonics homework weekly as this is designed to keep all of the 'phonics balls' in the air. There is an awful lot to learn at this stage and they are doing a great job.

Last week in maths we looked at making and adding equal groups. This week begins with an understanding of 'arrays', building arrays and using them to calculate. I will be asking the children to spot arrays in the world around them and they will go on an array hunt in school.

This array shows two rows of four and four columns of two. Children can use it to calculate by:

  • counting in 2s

  • doubling 4

  • some will 'just see' the eight becuase of the arrangement

They might record this in the followng ways:

  • 2 + 2 + 2 +2 = 8

  • four groups of 2 is 8

  • 4+4 = 8

  • 2 x 4 = 8 or 4 x 2 = 8 We are only just beginning to introduce the multiplicaton symbol as another way of recording 'groups of'

Later on they will use pictoral and concrete arrangements like this in understanding fractions.

Perhaps they can spot some arrays at home - kep pads, egg boxes etc. Photos of objects they have spotted would be most welcome.

In PSHE children will have a live online lesson on Monday morning and I have sent some information from Coram Life Education (who are bringing us this session) via email. The session is called 'Feelings'.

Homework reminder

Please make sure that homework folders are returned by Wednesday of the follwoing week.

Have a great week!