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Next Week in Challenger T4Wk5

Another busy week has flown by, culminating in a fun Friday; we enjoyed a Nature Walk in the morning with Diana from Greener Henley and in the afternoon Michaela Clarke's Create 'n' Make session. Please see the photos in the gallery below.

Next week in Challenger

Monday - Great Fire of London Workshop

Don't forget to dress up for our Great Fire of London workshop on Monday. This promises to be quite an experience for the children as they are immersed in 17th century London at the time of the Great Fire.

Science Week (Tuesday - Friday)

After Monday's Great Fire of London finale, we turn our attention towards this term's science unit. The Human Body and the Senses.

We will be carrying out a range of activities, investigating and exploring our senses.

Phonics - c ce sc

We take a look at tricky alternative spellings for /s/

Please help children spot these graphemes when you are reading throughout the week.

c as in city and mice

sc as in scene and scent

ce as in science and choice


This week's shared reader is number 54 Brock Makes Art which contains plenty of the target graphemes. Needless to say, Brock gets up to mischief with the carelessly abandoned saucer of paint. Thankfully, Jill has a stone floor in her house!

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Be encouraged to link what they read or hear read to their own experiences.

Writing: Use the ‘-ly’ suffix to form adverbs.


We continue our work on Time. This includes o'clock and half past times, units of time, an understanding of days and weeks and sequencing events in time order. There is a lot of everyday language associated with this unit and mastering this is an ongoing process.

Parents Evenings

I look forward to seeing you all at parents evening on either Tuesday or Thursday. Please let me know if the appointment slip did not make it home to you.

Have a great week everyone!

Last week in pictures:

Looking for wildlife in our beautiful outdoor environment. We had some interesting finds.

Recycled art

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