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Next Week in Challenger T4Wk5

We had a great week learning facts about Viking longboats and children produced some super explanations as to why they were a successful form of transport.

The helicopter visit on Wednesday was very exciting and enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to the RAF crew who made this possible. Please have a look at the photos below to see Challenger children on board the Puma. My favourite fact of the day (thanks to Mr Maloney - Rory and Imogen's dad) was that the Puma helicopter has a 'double tricycle configuration'. We found this out when one of the Challenger children spotted the wheel arrangement. From this single fact we made connections with maths facts we already know:

  • the prefix 'tri' (as in triangle and tricycle means 'three')

  • we can count in 2s to count the wheels (therefore six wheels in total). We could count in 2s to count the wheels on several Puma helicopters because we are pretty good at counting in 2s - now that we know the pattern we could go on and on!

  • three sets of wheels arranged in twos makes six wheels (double 3 = 6)

There is maths everywhere!

This week in our literacy lessons we will be looking at shape poetry with an 'On the Water' theme. When we have understood how shape poetry is created we will try to write our own.

In phonics, children are focusing on alternative spellings for the phoneme /air/ and in the RAPID group the grapheme ar.

In maths children will find out about capacity and volume.

In this unit of work:

  • capacity will be described as how much liquid something can hold

  • volume will be described as the amount of space the liquid takes up

Children will measure and compare capacity in a range of problem solving activities.

Have a great week everyone!

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