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Next Week in Challenger T1Wk6

It was another busy week in Challenger Class and although we are all quite tired now as we near the end of our first term in KS1, the children impressed with their great attitude to learning and very good conduct on our trip to the Kenton. Please have a look at the photos from the week below. The picture here shows a great system for working out how many unifix cubes there are in our class. First we created a huge train (see below) but that was quite hard to count. Estimates ranged from 100 to a googolplex. Well done to one child who estimated 600. Amazing - only 5 out!

This week's learning

No Electricity Day on Monday

Please remember to bring in your recycling materials for our art event on Monday. It is possible that we will use the field so also bring wellies.

Phonics and Reading

In phonics we are focusing on the grapheme oy. Children have already met oi as one written form of the phoneme.

In reading, the shared reader is number 38, the amusingly titled 'Oysters Ahoy'. In addition to GPC focus, word reading, comprehension, fluency and expression and sentence writing we will also be reviewing the use of question marks.


We will continue to explore counting to 100 forwards and back, using different representations of our linear number system. Please keep counting at home!

Also children will investigate doubles. We will look at various representations of doubles and discover different ways to learn them. We will also link doubles to the concept of 'equal'.

I spoke to some of you at parents' evening about the White Rose Maths 1-Minute Maths app. This is useful for practising subitising (I love the facts that 5 year olds are learning that word) and number facts. For now, I would suggest working through the subitising and addition levels.

Scan the QR code or alternatively go to


Later in the week, we are starting our Year 1 Earth Science topic for term 1 which is all about the seasons, day length, seasonal changes in the weather and weather around the world. This work will continue into the last week of term. Monitoring the weather and daylight hours continues throughout the year.

Photos from the week.

Building the train

Henley Literary Festival visit

The coach trip on the way back. Mr Stainsby and the children recite Joshua Seigal's poem

I Wanna be a Bear

Looking for birds in the walled garden. Children wanted to find out which birds visit our site ahead of designing their recycled material bird feeders.

Our version of Sally Crabtree's The Word BIrd with some of the words and all of the artwork by Challenger Class

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