Next Week in Challenger Class T6Wk5

Friday was fun as children came dressd in their pyjamas. We enjoyed meeting the cuddly toys and extended play and biscuits in the afternoon went down very well! It was a lovely end to the week.

Throughout the week, children tried their hand at writing poetry based on the RIghts of the Child. We decided that although not strictly speaking a 'right', everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and it is our number 1 class rule - Be kind. Please see the class collaboration below - all words are the children's. I was genuinely touched by their thoughtfulness and impressed by their ability to rhyme. We also had a look at Haiku poetry. Although these are traditionally based on nature and the seasons, we wrote some haiku linked to the Rights of the Child. The children worked hard to create lines of the correct syllable count with some super results.

Kindness is.. poem
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We have an exciting week coming up:

  • Theatre on Monday afternoon - a chance to see the Upper School's outdoor Shakespeare production - I can't say which play it is though!

  • Sports Day on Thursday. We look forward to welcoming parents in to cheer on the children in our first whole school Sports Day for a few years.

  • Science week - based on the amazing human body and the senses.

Have a great week!

Science - Planting Experiment

Our bean experiment is on-going. Here are two photos form last week taken two days apart. I wonder if our brave little bean will have reached the light source by Monday morning.