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Next Week in Challenger Class T6Wk4

Goodness me! We are half way through the final term and I really can't believe how time is flying. We still have learning to do and plenty of extra activites to keep us very busy right up to the end of term. In PE this week, we will begin practising for Sports Day when children will compete in their House Teams on the track and in field events. I am looking forward to seeing the Challenger Superstars give their best performances. Sports Day is in Week 5 on Thursday 7th July.

In our Global Citizenship topic work this week, we'll be looking at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Earlier in the term we found out about the lives of children in other parts of the world and discovered how children's lives are similar or different to our own. This week we'll find out about this important treaty that applies to all children, no matter where they live.

In English, children will be writing poetry about the things that they consider to be important in their lives.

We will continue to consolidate phonic knowledge in our phonics lessons and the spelling test on Monday (CEW and high frequency words) will be the final one of the year.

In maths, we will continue to revise number facts and look at how knowing them helps us in calculation; fluency in number facts reduces cognitive load and allows us to focus on other things. We will also begin work on time, looking at units of time and the language we use to talk about when things happen. Children have been telling the time throughout the school day focusing on o'clock and half past times. Please help your child to tell the time on clocks (analogue and digital) at home. Conversation about time, for example, when things happen and how long they take, are very useful. In Year 1, children need to have experience of telling the time to the hour and the half hour.

Don't forget that the whole school photo is on Tuesday - smartest uniform please!

Have a great week!

Some work from last week:

A super example from Aurora shows various representations of this maths story involving 'not'. Ten children travel on the school bus. If there are 7 children on the bus already, that means that 3 children are NOT on the bus yet. This is often a less well understood use of a subtraction number sentence. We can still represent

the idea using subtraction even though there is no reduction involved.

Children devised and performed roleplays. His sons had to persuade their father, Anansi, why they deserved the wonderous ball of light.

Using 3D shapes and printing techniques we created designs based on patterns seen in traditional African art and textiles.

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