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Next Week in Challenger Class T3Wk6

We enjoyed finding out about hedgehog hibernation last week.

When writing hibernation facts, we discussed whether Ms Roberts' 'hedgehog in the tent' and Mr Watts' 'hedgehog hibernating in a sports bag in the shed' story should be included. In the end we decided that we should stick to more commonly known facts that can be verified, although nearly everyone had an interesting hedgehog story to tell. Mr Wright enjoyed helping the children make this wonderful picture of Challenger hedgehogs hibernating in their nest. It looks quite full but I think they would be happy hunkering down together for the winter!

Next week's learning

In phonics we are learning:

  • alternative spellings for the long /oo/ phoneme

  • the ai digraph in the RAPID group

In our topic work we will be finding out about climate change - what it is, why it is happening and what we can do about it. As part of the learning children will take part in a traffic survey, conduct some experiments in the classroom and make posters giving advice to tackle climate change.

In maths, we'll take another look at fact families and related facts. This requires an understanding of the connection between addition and subtraction facts. In short, if children know that 8 + 9 = 17 then they also know these facts:

  • 9 + 8 = 17

  • 17 - 8 = 9

  • 17 - 9 = 8

They'll be using this understanding to solve problems. If time, we'll start a unit of work on measuring length and height which will ocntinue into next week.

Have a great week everyone!

A few photos from our PE session where children made up games using PE equipment.

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