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Next Week in Challenger

It was a super start to our new Great Fire of London history topic. We used videos and books to gather information which we will continue into next week so that we can begin to write a fact file about this major event in our capital's history. We will also be looking at photographic and pictorial eveidence to show differences between old and new London.

Next week's learning

Phonics We will focus on the grapheme -y pronounced as /ee/ like in the phrase 'Silly, happy puppy.' Please encourage children to spot words throughout the week with this spelling pattern.

Reading Shared Reader 51 - Pets I am sure many children will feel a strong connection to this book – I know how Challenger children love their pets!

Learning Objectives:

Explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them.

Writing: Use ‘-y’ endings to create adjectives from nouns.


In Mastering number we take another look at odds and evens. In other maths sessions we use a range of strategies for addition and subtraction, using familiar models and images to help solve missing number problems problems. Children are introduced to a variety of different contexts in this unit of work, for example solving problems involving money or length.

Next Thursday is the annual World Book Day. The children will spend the morning mainly in House groups listening to stories read by older children, sharing their favourite books with buddies and discussing books of all sorts. They will also attend several live virtual events run by World Book Day including meeting different authors. Children are welcome to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books and bring blankets, slippers or a teddy to make themselves comfortable during the reading time. As a school we urge you to please use what your child may have already, swap items with a friend or make something out of materials at home. Please do not buy anything specifically for the day. It is for the children to have fun with whatever they chose to wear and not a competition.

The children should receive a book token too and if you want further information please do check out

Have a great week!

Last week in pictures

In this introduction to orienteering in PE, children had to follow a picture map to guide them to choose equipment and recreate the picture as accurately as possible. They needed good observation skills and worked well in their groups.

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