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Next week in Challenger

Saying goodbye to our friend, Rory.

Next Week's Learning


We take a look at the fifth and final split digraph u_e. We will also look at alternative spellings of this sound ui, ou and u.

Split digraphs

The general rule is that the split digraphs say the same sound as ae, ee, ie, oe and ue but these dgraphs are split with another sound.

Examples: make Pete price stove cube


Shared Reader 49: The Music of the Sea I must confess I had a tear in my eye at the end of this book and hope it will move the children as it did me.

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them.

Writing: Use the spelling rule of adding the ‘s’ marker for plurals.


In the early part of the week, we will look at different re-tellings of the story behind Willow Pattern. Children will have a go at re-telling parts of the story through roleplay and drama.


We will continue to practise number bonds. Also, we are using First, Then and Now stories to represent addition.

Have a great week!


We have enjoyed our science topic over the last two weeks. The pictures below give a snpshot of what we've been doing: hunting for animals in our playground, classifying animals. researching animal diets and finding out why teeth are different shapes.

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