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Y2: Newts, Nachos and Nettle Pesto

Tues 25/05

Another wonderful afternoon with Y2.

They have been very keen on foraging so we brought in ingredients to make pesto - Lead by Liberty, Jan patiently went around snipping the heads of the nettles, then blanched them in hot water before mashing them with garlic, parmesan and oil in a pestle and mortar. All of the children really loved it!

Alongside this we made some cheesy nachos in the dutch oven over the fire. Matthew, Ed and Jacob enjoyed helping with the prep of this and lighting little balls of cotton wool. They didn't get it right each time and the encouragement between them was lovely to hear. The nachos were such a treat and one I think we will have to do again! Ava and Saha also has a great time learning to use to fire strikers and 'throwing' sparks!

Eloise and Issy were back on 'team pond' and built their weekly aquarium. William joined in for a little bit, and has a go at floating his paper boat on the water. In the classroom they are learning about objects that sink or float, so this was the first test to see if a his paper boat would stand up to the pond water!

Flo finished off the session with a beautiful song!

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