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New Year...New Term

Here we are again, not only at the start of a new term, but at the start of a new year as well. I hope you have all had a lovely break and enjoyed the Christmas festivities with your families.

Topic and writing

Last year we studied the lives and works of some notable Victorians and the great advances in many areas of human industry and knowledge that were made at that time. Our new topic Rich and Poor takes a different perspective on the industrial revolution and begins with finding out about the exploitation of child workers. We will also look at contemporary fictional works highlighting the plight of child workers.

In maths, this first week sees a consolidation of previous learning and focuses on understanding place value and addition and subtraction within 20.

Spellings for this week are the days of the week and we will assess children’s progress towards knowing these in the weekly spelling test on Friday.

You can find further information about the curriculum and timetable for Term 3 by clicking on the button above.


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