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My family

It was a BRILLIANT five session first week of school. The children have been coming into school with confidence and have been very good at knowing the routines of the classroom. They met their year 6 buddies, socially distanced in the walled garden and chatted to each other for a while. They took part in their first whole school assembly as well.

Every child in Adventure class has drawn a beautiful picture onto a flag to make bunting. Look out for this at school next week.

This coming week we will be looking at books to help us think about our families. There will be discussions about family activities, tidying up, looking after our belongings and helping each other. All of this links to school life too!

During the week the planners and reading books will be sent home in the book bags. Please remember to bring the book bags in every day from now on.

The phonic sessions will focus on letter recognition and the sounds made. We will learn a song to help us remember each sound. Our maths work will be to count out the correct number of objects from a group. We will look at repeating patterns around us. This can be supported at home by looking at patterns on clothes e.g. stripes, spots, and in nature,e.g. leaves, animal coats.

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