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Muddy week

The last week of term has been super busy for Adventure class, we had lots of different fun activities, among them we had cinema time and Cross Country.

Adventure children have learnt about mud and how to make it. We have read a great book "Mud Puddle" and learned how to make it! Though the texture wasn't appealing for everyone, and some children just didn't want to get dirty hands at all! :D

- In Phonics this week we have started with guided reading and read books with words! Everyone is so excited about it! Also we have learnt new sounds: h, b, f and l. Our new HFW are: no, go.

- In maths we have investigated shapes and patterns related with number 3 and 4. They have begun to notice the sub groups within a larger set.

Look at Adventure warming up to run Cross Country around the Walled Garden and our big playground. We had so much fun!

Miss Gonzalez and Mrs Day wish you a lovely half term! Stay safe and see you soon!

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