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Monday and Tuesday plan

Hello everyone,

It was great to see you all in your first week of Term 3. Thank you for your pictures and work that you have sent to us, we can see that you are learning and enjoying the activities with your family.

In the week ahead will be learning more about our Topic "Kings and Queens". Also, we will learn more sounds in Phonics and will have fun learning new maths skills.

Here are the plans for Monday and Tuesday. Remember we have our daily meeting at 9.15.

For Monday you will need paper and pencil for our Zoom about Phonics.

Monday 11.01.2021 (1)
Download PDF • 329KB

For Tuesday you will need pencil, paper, scissors and glue stick + 2 maths sheets was sent home with numbers from 11 to 20.

Tuesday 12.01.2021
Download PDF • 262KB

We look forward to having a fun week ahead.

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