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Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate that Adventure children are super stars and they are doing great with their learning :)

Adventure children have been very busy writing birthday cards to their friends and their families using our HFW and new sounds which are: sh, ch, th, ng, me, we and me. Also we have been doing magic during phonics! With our magic wand we turned a word into another one by changing just 1 letter: shop, chop, ship, chip, the, she....

In Maths we have been comparing quantities and reinforcing vocabulary like "more than", "fewer than" and "an equal number". We have used our fast eyes and our ways to represent amounts with fingers. Also we have been busy creating our new Maths display with different ways to represent numbers.

Some children made an amazing job building a house made out of wooden blocks. We linked this activity through the Three Little Pigs. This led us to our science activity where we talked about farm animals and what a farm is for.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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