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Last week of term in Challenger

We enjoyed story time in the round house on Friday afternoon, followed by playtime in the garden. Mr Wright expertly refereed a game of football whilst other children explored the contents of the raised beds and identified what had been growing there. It was a joy to see some sunshine in our lovely school grounds.

This week sees a return to thinking about hot and cold countries with the aim of creating a travel brochure or a TV advert for a country of their choice. We will focus on the persuasive language used to entice travellers.

I have not set spellings for this final week of term as I will be carrying out phonics tracking and CEW word progress checks.

In maths, we continue work on measuring length and height; we will start with measuring non-standard units and also introduce the ruler. Last week we compared the length of the playground measured in paces with the height of the tallest tree in the walled garden. Here's the method used for measuring the tree:

Look through your legs Stand with your back to the tree, about as far as you estimate the tree height is from the tree. Look backwards, through your legs. You are trying to just see the top of the tree. You will need to move towards or away from the tree until you are just able to see the tree top. The distance you are from the centre of the trunk is the tree’s height.

For your information our PSHCE session this week has these learning outcomes:

Children will be able to:

  • Understand that medicines can sometimes make people feel better when they’re ill;

  • Explain simple issues of safety and responsibility about medicines and their use.

We have not got as far through the programme as anticipated and are a week behind schedule. As such the units ‘good or bad touches’ and ‘the underpants rule’ will carry over to next term. I will provide more information about these before discussing with the children.

This week we created a very rough simulation of what might happen if the polar ice caps continue to melt. The children chose the baby polar bear (rather than the penguins because they are such good swimmers) and Homer Simpson (rather than the fireman/cowboy - there was some confusion here) to go back in the freezer so they wouldn't have to withstand the disastrous effects of rising sea levels. Here are the before and after images:

And here are the hot and cold landscapes that children cretaed with colour washes. I think you'll agree they are fabulous!

As usual have a great week and I wish everyone a very happy half term holiday!

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